Friday, August 14, 2009

Labeling Law in Effect... [August 14, 2009]

The labeling law is official... But how does it effect you? How do you implement it? What's required? There's a million questions surrounding this issue. Here's some simple answers and links you need to read.

First the basic guidelines, taken from the CPSIA FAQs:

1. Tracking labels are required for all children’s products manufactured after August 14, 2009 regardless of whether they are domestic or imported products.

2. Required Information:

- manufacturer or private labeler
- location of the product
- date of production
- cohort information (if applicable)
(including the batch, run number, or other identifying characteristic)

Impotant Notes for Crafters

3. The law requires that markings with the specified information be permanent. Hangtags and adhesive labels are not permanent.


This is what I believe the tag would/should contain. It doesn't need to be fancy. It just has to serve it's purpose. While a lot of items are slowly being excluded... those that are not should have the following info (except, with YOUR company info):

Please NOTE that I am NOT a legal expert. This is only an example of what my tags would contain, and should not be copied without full understanding of your own product and the law.

My newer products will contain labels inside the monkeys, that will provide for an internal tracking system.


Statement of Policy: Interpretation and Enforement of Section 103(a)

FAQs For Section 103: Tracking Labels for Children’s Products

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